bookmark_borderHow does my Club qualify to be in the Directory?

This Directory is open to ANY Club or Organisation that offer Obedience training for dogs. In particular it is for those offering Competitive Obedience instruction, but any Obedience training will qualify.

There is one field titled ‘SHORT LIST OF ACTIVITIES’ in which you can say what type of Obedience training you offer. So we expect a SHORT list which might, say, include “Competitive Obedience”, “1-to-1 training”, “Good Citizen” etc (Don’t go overboard in this SHORT list – you can expand this later once you’ve been Approved.)

The Directory will NOT be limited to KC Listed / Approved Clubs. So it may be individuals or groups offering obedience training.

bookmark_borderHow do I put my Club details into the Directory?

From the menu at the top of the page click the NEW CLUB SIGNUP item and you will be asked to provide some basic information about your club & the person who will act as the main contact.

When you click the SIGN UP button (having completed the Sign Up form) you will be emailed with a private link that gives you access to your Club’s entry in the Directory. (Please KEEP this email safe, as it contains the private link for future use e.g. if you need to update the details.)

Your Club will not be visible in the Directory until it has been approved by the admin of the site.